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The un-official web-page of 1981 Batch, E-fac, Peradeniya.

Remember Me ?

My name is Rasika Harischandra Suriyaarachchi. I was also known as E/81/214 sometime back. If you still remember those days, please go ahead and read.

This page is still...

What is this about:

This is going to be the un-official web-page of the 1981 batch of the Faculty of Engineering (E-fac), The University of Peradeniya. What I mean by 1981 batch is the batch of students who entered the E-fac in October, 1981. I am not sure whether the name 1981 batch is correct to begin with, because usually a batch or a class of students is identified by its date of graduation. But, as those who enter E-fac choose to graduate in a year according to their own wish, I cannot call out batch by someting like the 1985 batch.

Things I plan to include in this web-page.

Help Wanted

I need your help to do this. E-mail me your addresses and other details if you have access to the internet on a regular basis. Then we can edit the page from different ends of the internet.

e-mail===> rhsur@mame.mu.oz.au

Thanks for visiting.

Rasika Harischandra Suriyaarachchi



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